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EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished,  to be bolted to the cabinet frame. Available in two different heights, 150 and 200mm, either pre-drilled or full; the latter can be drilled to drawing on demand. They can accommodate no. 24 modules each plate and are spaced 50mm from the glazed door.

•    PQM150F – drilled panel for 24 modules H 150 mm.
•    PQM150C –  full panel H 150 mm.
•    PQM200F –  drilled panel for 24 modules H 200 mm.
•    PQM200C – full panel H 200 mm.



Barre DIN

DIN Bars


Obtained from extruded aluminium, they come complete with brackets of galvanized steel. Not included in the panels, they must be ordered separately.
•    DINQM24 – DIN bar, complete with brackets






Inner Doors


Delivered in assembling kit, to fix equipment inside the small cabinets in a protected and locked area, they can be installed on all the small cabinets of the one-door Q series
EN 1.4301- (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished and protected by PVC adhesive film, thickness 12/10 and 15/10.
The inner door can be hinged on either the right or the left side. The standard supply includes chromium-plated indented locks. Instruments up to a maximum total weight of12 kg can be set on the inner doors.
* The gap between door and inner door is 45 cm.
* Protection degree IP 20.
* Drilling to drawing is possible on demand.





Made of EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s, finely satin- finished, with 3+3 shatterproof laminated window, they are particularly recommended when instruments set on the outside door have to be protected. Complete with wing-nut black lock, galvanized, with Yale type key and built-in seal; 180° opening. Protection degree IP65.
NOTE: when set on width exceeding the width of the overdoor itself, the max. opening is 90°.




EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s execution, 2B finishing; available for all the cabinets of the  QL/QV series; delivered in assembling kit (replacement at cutomer’s charge)


Rain Protections


EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, fine satin-finished and protected, they are available for all the cabinets. Recommended when the cabinets are envisaged to be installed outdoors and weather protection is therefore required. They protrude 25mm from the front door and come in assembling kit.





Accessories for Push-Button boards and boxes

Accessories for Push-Button boards and boxes


EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s execution, they are easily set to the back of the cabinets of the “Q” series by the prearranged threaded drill. For assembling on big-sized enclosures, a second drill is foreseen at customer’s charge.
Waterproofing is assured by special seals.
Each kit comes complete with assembling instructions, screws, nuts and washers

•    SP025 – wall mount kit, 4 pcs.

EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s execution, they have the same features as fasteners code SP025 but features a wider rest surface which allow them to be welded to the enclosure without using clamping screws (e.g. to secure the top of cabinets of the CC or CX-A series).
Prearranged for securing an earth cable.
•    SP035 – wall mount kit, 4 pcs.



Door Locks


Various types of optional locks are available for all types of cabinets, all of them completely interchangeable with the standard ones, either with low tension key or Yale type key.


Molle a Gas

Gas-operated Springs

The gas-operated springs are designed to open the doors upwards (seagull-wings); they facilitate opening and feature a braking device on top of the wing, reaching a balanced
position when the door is open.
Different capacities are available to meet the specific requirements.
When ordering the springs, the weight and position of instruments and/or equipment, if any, should be mentioned so that the spring best suiting your requirements can be determined.
•    SA910 gas-operated spring 10 Kg (including assembling)
•    SA915 gas-operated spring 15 Kg (including assembling)
•    SA920 gas-operated spring 20 Kg (including assembling)
•    SA930 gas-operated spring 30 Kg (including assembling)
•    SA940 gas-operated spring 40 Kg (Including assembling)
•    SA950 gas-operated spring 50 Kg (including assembling)


Aste di sostegno

Support Rods


The counter-weighted support rods can be applied to all types of cabinets when the door needs to be opened upwards (seagull-wing). Handy and safe, they reach the right position automatically at ope-ning, so as to keep the door open. Can be assembled on the right or the left side. Starting from the size 600×600 up, the use of 2 rods is recommended, one on the right side and one on the left side.

• ASQLVDX   support rod DX for QL/QV/QLP/QVP
• ASQLVSX    support rod SX for QL/QV/QLP/QVP
• ASQSMDX  support rod DX for QS/QM
• ASQSMSX   support rod SX for QS/QM

NOTA: for big-sized doors and weight exceeding 12 kg, the use of the gas-operated springs is recommended.




Anti-close device


EN 1.431 (TYPE 304L) s/s EXECUTION, recommended to prevent the door accidental closing.
Not suitable for cabinet with upwards opening door (seagull-wing).
* DAC01 Delivered in assembling kit




Maniglia MNB - Maniglia MNK

Handles MNB – Handles MNK

Made of TYPE 304L s/s rod, polished; recommended when the cabinet is used as a control box.
They come in assembling kit and  two versions are available:
MNB200 –  fastening distance between centres (I) 200 mm
MNB300 –  fastening distance between centres (I) 300 mm
•    MNK300 –  fastening distance between centres 275 mm.
•    MNK350 –  fastening distance between centres 325 mm.
•    MNK450 –  fastening distance between centres  425 mm.
•    MNK500 – fastening distance between centres 475 mm.






Ideal for use either as simple stand or cable way, they are made of EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s and available in two versions.





Satin-finished, suitable for application under cabinets having a minimum depth of 250 mm; it consists of a C-shaped bent column, complete with bolted cover with gasket to assure inspectability. Complete with sendzimir inner plate. Protection degree IP65. A sendzimir counterplate is also available to firmly secure the modular cabinets to the top of the column (for cabinets starting from L.600). These counterplates have to be ordered expressly, using the following codes:
PPRQ6025 counterplate for cabinets QL/QV64-66-67-69
PPRQ7530 counterplate for cabinets QL/QV77-710

Used for pushbutton-boards and cabinets with minimum depth 125 mm, it consists of s/s channel, micropeened, not inspectable, and a predrilled plate for ground fixing.


Cable Glands


The gable glands, s/s execution, are to be used to prevent corrosion. This series, manufactured to UNI EN 1.4305 (TYPE 303), is particularly fit for use in wet environment and in dry/wet conditions.
The FPM seal creates a barrier to the radioactive radiance of up to 2×106 Gray, and assures excellent strength to cable pulling.
•    Protection degree IP68 to EN 60 529 and IP69K to DIN 40 050-T9.
•    Temperature range: -40°C + 200°C, intermittent up to 140°C.
•    EMC version available on demand.
These cable glands are delivered without ring nut, which must be ordered separately when the need be.




Pressacavi Metrici

Metrical Cable Glands

The sanitary metric cable glands series PH meet the conditions required for use in food, dairy, pharmaceutical industries, as well as for all those environments where compliance with the health  and sanitary regulations is a must (Directive on machinery 2006/42/EC DIN EN 1672-2-2005, Documents EHEDG 8 E 13). This is due to the technical solutions adopted and to the design: 25° sloping surfaces to avoid filth deposit, radial corners, no threads, recesses, slits, gaps in contact with the outside environment; tamper-proof as they cannot be opened from the outside.
Delivered complete with OR, standard seal on the cable and ring nut.
EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) polished execution; the EPDM gasket is fit for use in the environment for which the cable gland has been designed: gaskets made of other materials can however be supplied on demand.
These cable glands come complete with ring nuts.
•    Protection degree IP68 to EN 60 529 and IP69K to DIN 40 050-T9.
•    Temperature range: -40°C + 120°C, intermittent up to 140°C.
•    EMC version also available on demand.




EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s execution, to close holes previously made and not used.  With only 4 items, using the appropriate centring washers, all the drills ranging between Ø  6,5 and Ø 40 mm. can be covered, including shaped drills for the cable glands of the “SANITARY” series.





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