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The cabinets get smart RFID

The cabinets get smart RFID


Identification by radiofrequency (RFID, Radio Frequency IDentification)
This technology enables automatic data identification and gathering by radio frequencies. Its most outstanding characteristic is the capability of combining a unique identifier and other information with any object via a microchip, and permitting its reading via wireless device. When combined with a database or a communication network like the Internet, this technology is extremely effective in providing new services and appliances useful for process optimization.




Cabling system SRS


Cabling system SRS

New wiring system implements the concept of operating on two levels. The flexibility of the traditional systems is maintained recovering space inside cabinet. Space saving: this system allows up to 30% space revovery compared to a traditional wiring system. Flexibility: the mounting plate enables the use of SRS system alone when actual advantages exist. Cost-effectiveness: the use of cabinets of small dimensions or with less columnus.






Distribution panel

Distribution panel


A wide range of accessories makes your cabinets fully customizable.
See for the wide range of solutions and proposals in the specific section.




Piastra PS

Inner Plates PS


Sendzimir EN10142 galvanized sheet execution, they are designed to permit using the whole width of the cabinet; particularly recommended for cabinets with removable sides.
The vertical drills are spaced 12,5mm and the numbered adhesive strips to apply on the plate provide accurate reference on the fixing of the brackets to support the component-bearing DIN bars.
The use of these plates for battery-mounted cabinets does not require intermediate plates since they can be connected directly one to another.
Their width being the same as the cabinet inner space, we suggest to use the slide guides for side introduction.
Their use as plates for traditional wiring is also possible.
When adopting the SRS space-saving wiring system, it not necessary to use the PS plates since traditional plates can be used by drilling where the brackets for DIN bars support have to be secured.
To join the plates in the case of battery-mounted cabinets, a jointing kit has to be ordered.
•    PSK001 – jointing kit for inner plates PS

Inner Plates PA

Inner Plates PA


EN 10142 sendzimir galvanized plate execution, bent on all sides to  achieve maximum stiffness: delivered in assembling kit, it is adjustable on the whole depth of the cabinet.




Piastra Intermedia

Intermediate Plate


Designed to enable assembling and disassembling even with inner plates already wired and assembled; sendzimir EN 10142 execution. Complete with all assembling accessories, in particular 2 stiffening plates that permit obtain, with the inner plates, a rigid single assembling plane. The plate so configured cannot be put in the most backwards position but rather before the rear uprights
•    PA0117 – intermediate plate for cabinets h.1800
•    PA0119 – intermediate plate for cabinets h.2000
NOTA: the intermediate plate excludes the use of the partition baffle



Guide di scorrimento

Slide guides


Designed and manufactured for easier introduction into the cabinet through the side, of inner plates formed by several modules, pre-assembled and wired, even of a considerable weight. The kit includes a bottom guide, the sliding rollers for application to the plate and the assembling screws. Six different lengths are available:
•    GSP03 – pair of guides for cabinet L=300
•    GSP04 – cpair of guides for cabinet L=400
•    GSP06 – pair of guides for cabinet L=600
•    GSP08 – pair of guides for cabinet L=800
•    GSP10 – pair of guides for cabinet L=1000
•    GSP12 – pair of guides for cabinet L=1200



Section Bars


Section bars to be used when heavy instruments are to be supported (e.g. transformers). Supplied by pairs, complete with assembling kit and featuring slots for wide adjustment.
•    ST0600 – pair of section bars for transformer support, for cabinets  with nominal width 600
•    ST0800 – pair of section bars for transformer support, for cabinets  with nominal width. 800
•    ST1000 – pair of section bars for transformer support, for cabinets  with nominal width 1000
•    ST1200 – pair of section bars for transformer support, for cabinets  with nominal width 1200





Cylindrical, thoroughly cleanable, TYPE 304L s/s execution
•    SA2000MX – adjustable from 125 to 165 mm
•    SA2200MX – adjustable from 165 to 205 mm
When the feet are not set directly to the cabinet but rather under the skirting and under the computer cabinet, the corresponding nut must be ordered as well:
•    SPM14 – nut M14 for foot







Simple and sturdy EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished and protected. Prearranged for cable inlet from the side,, back and front sides and for possible application of feet; open bottom in contact with the floor; on request they can be delivered complete with bottom closing panel, which acts as cable rest as well. Protection degree is IP20 when the bottom closing panel is installed. Can be delivered both in assembling kit and pre-assembled and are available in 100 and 200 mm height.




Passacavi Intere

Inner Fairlead Plate


The single piece fairlead plates are to be used when the cables are not expected to enter through the cabinet bottom and when higher guarantees of tightness are desired, particularly to dust.





Piastre Passacavi Multiple

Multiple Fairlead Plates


Sectionalized fairlead plates (2 for cabinets with nominal depth 400mm and three parts for cabinet with nominal depth 500, 600 and 800 mm.).
Recommended when the inner plate is not in the farthest backwards position or when the cables inlet must be subdivided on several plates.





Piastre Passacavi Ghigliottina

Sash Type Farlead Plates


Handy and fast system for cable inlet through the skirting. Not recommended when high  tightness degree is required, mainly from dust, or when the fairlead plate can be subject to direct sprays. Sash fairlead plates are delivered separated in several parts. The “CABLE ANCHORING CROSS MEMBER” is recommended for cables fixing.




Traversino Passacavi

Cable Anchoring Cross Member

For tying cables that pass through the sash closing plates. Delivered complete with assembling screws.






Traversini Porta

Door Cross Elements


Section 20x20mm.
Available for all cabinet doors. Designed to be fixed directly to the inner frame by means of thread-forming trilobe screws M5 and by adhesive to the door.
Ideal to secure raceways, sheaths or cables and/or to stiffen doors with wide openings.
•    PRP256 – cross elements for doors with nominal width600
•    PRP258 – cross elements for doors with nominal width 800
•    PRP250 – tcross elements for doors with nominal width 1000



Pianetti di lavoro

Work Tabletops


TYPE 304L s/s execution, 2B finish, they are available in 3 width and suitable for installation inside cabinets, either compact or modular.
To be fixed to the inner door frames, they come complete with support rods.
•    PL0600 – for doors width  600
•    PL0800 – for doors width  800
•    PL1000 -for doors width 1000



Tasche Porta Schemi

Diagram Holding Pocket


Delivered in assembling kit, available in 3 models:
•    SG109 – orange ABS, for documents size A4
•    SG108 – TYPE 304L s/s, for documents size A4
•    SG110 – TYPE 304L s/s for documents size A3





Anti-Close Device


TYPE 304L s/s execution, designed to prevent the door accidental closing.
Delivered in assembling kit .
•    DAC02 – anti-close device for cabinet doors







The electroconductive gasket is necessary to shield the electric or magnetic field.
The gasket elasticity is obtained by various foamed materials; silicones, neoprene or epdm, according to the operating conditions.






Mechanical system permitting to set a priority in the opening of the doors on battery-mounted cabinets.
To be ordered according to the composition, and positioned as shown in the figure
MKP.PR primary interlock (B):
Mechanical drive, including the relevant transmission, to be set to the door of the module for disconnector block (primary), to control the opening of the doors of battery-mounted cabinets (secondary).

MKP.SE secondary interlock:
To be set on all the secondary doors whose opening is slaved to the opening of the first door.
For the modules with two doors (e.g. the modules 1200 or 1600), 2 units are to be considered.
The opening direction of the door is not binding.

Transmission rods
Necessary to transfer the locking or unlocking command from the primary door to the secondary ones.
A rod must be ordered for each module except the disconnector block module:
•    MKP.AR06 – transmission rod for cabinets nominal width 600 mm.
•    MKP.AR08 –  transmission rod for cabinets nominal width 800 mm.
•    MKP.AR10 –  transmission rod for cabinets nominal width 1000 mm.
•    MKP.AR12 –  transmission rod for cabinets nominal width 1200 mm.
•    MKP.AR16 –  transmission rod for cabinets nominal width 1600 mm.

NOTE: The upper cross members must be used to install the interlocks on the cabinets CX-A,   (see accessories CX-A)

•    TRS03CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width 308
•    TRS04CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width  408
•    TRS06CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width 608
•    TRS08CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width 808
•    TRS10CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width 1008
•    TRS012CXA – upper cross members for cable raisers width 1211


Barre di sollevamento

Hoisting Bars


Used to move pre-wired battery-mounted cabinets. Made of galvanized sheet 3mm.
thick. The system is formed by two section bars the same length as the cabinets and by anchoring brackets to be set instead of the hosting eyebolts and permits safe hoisting of  cabinets weighing 1250 kg/m.

•    BSK – kit including no. 4 anchoring brackets to the cabinet
A kit must be ordered per each cabinet forming the battery





Hoisting Eyebolts


Available either in galvanized iron or s/s, they are delivered in 4-pcs kit and are recommended when single modules having a limited weight are to be transported. Max. capacity 450 kg each pair of eyebolts.
•    GZ04MX – Kit with no. 4 galvanized eyebolts – for cabinets L.600-800-1000-1200
•    GI04MX – Kit with no.  4 s/s eyebolts – for cabinets L.600-800-1000-1200




Dadi a gabbia

Cage Nuts


Front introduction cage nuts, available with M6 and M8 threads, particularly sturdy and easy to assemble.
•    DGIFM6 – Package with 50 cage nuts M6
•    DGIFM8 – Package with 50 cage nuts M8




Viti autofilettanti

Self Tapping Screws


Self-tapping trilobe screws M5, particularly handy they are recommended for fasteners requiring pre-drills Ø 4.6 on frame and section bars.
•    VA05 – Package with 50 trilobe self-tapping screws M5








•    Absorbed power:11 W (75W vacuum lamp)
•    Lighting power: 900 Lm
•    Bulb: low-consumption, socket 2G7 10.000 h
•    Switch: ON/OFF switch for lighting lamps (PIR motion sensor available on request)
•    Clamp 2,5 mm2 with pull-prevention device
•    Torque 0,8 Nm max.
•    Fixing: by screw,  M5, distance 300 mm
•    Housing: Plastic UL94 V-D, bright grey
•    Sizes: 345 x 91 x 40 mm
•    Assembling position: narrow side/ large side
•    Temperature of work environment: -20°C +50° C ( -4°F +122°F )
•    Protection degree: IP20

Fit for use in confined control boards with components high density, they are delivered complete with fixing bracket and screws for easy application anywhere inside the control board.
Available both without tap and with different types of integrated taps. A cross member must be provided for CX-A cabinets.




•    Connexion: 3 press-on terminals for flexible conductor
•    Fixing: Clip for assembling on DIN 35 mm EN 50022 guide
•    Housing: Plastic UL94 V-0
•    Sizes: 92 x 62 x 48 mm
•    Weight: 0.20 Kg
•    Assembling position: customer’s choice
•    Oper. Temp.: -45°C +70°C
•    Protection degree: IP20
The taps, without lamps, are available in several versions and must be secured to 35mm DIN guides (to be ordered separately), and connected by screwless press-on terminals.


Catalogue of Accessories for Cabinets