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Choosing the Air Conditionig System

Air Conditioners KJ

This cooling system is particularly recommended when the temperature inside the Panel has to be maintained equal to or lower than the temperature outside it. To safeguard its reliability, the conditioner should be carefully sized, in order to select a model properly sized to keep the temperature within acceptable limits even in the worst conditions, while avoiding over-sizing.

Conditioned Side Panel KF

Designed to solve the side space-related problems in cabinets that are usually installed beside the machine or on skid, it is manufactured by state-of-the-art machines; easy installation, on either the right or the left of the cabinet, in place of the traditional side panel.

Peltier Thermal Modules KP

The thermoelectric technology adopted on the air conditioners for electric/electronic panels in industrial applications, is based on the principle of the Peltier-effect heat pumps.
Unlike conventional compressor-based cooling/conditioning systems, the Peltier effect is obtained electronically without using gas such as the CFC or others.

Fans and Filter KV – KG

Cooling system indicated in the case where the outdoor temperature is always lower than the internal. To properly size the fan is necessary to know the power to be dissipated (see tab THERMAL CALCULATION)

Protection Casings KL

EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) S/S casing, upward air inflow, for application on grids, thus assuring improved splash protection.
A kit to achieve protection degree IP55 is included in the package.

Roof-Mount Ventilation Units KR

For use when cabinet ventilation through the roof is practical and cost-effective. Extraction mode operation. Easy installation, except for the filter pack it is accommodated inside the roof unit itself.

Condensate Prevention Heaters

Engineered to prevent condensate building-up inside the control boards and to keep the inside temperature has to be kept higher than the outside one


Bimetal electro-mechanical thermostats.