Room Thermostats KS-KHT

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Bimetal electro-mechanical thermostats.
Item KS011 has a closing contact and is designed to control the cooling equipment or to provide alarm contacts for maximum temperature, while It.  KT011 has a NC opening
contact and is designed to control heating devices.
• KS011
• KT011

Regulation range:   0°C to 60°C
Type of contact       tripping
Contact resistance<.  <10m
Lifetime > 100.000 cycles
Max. opening power 250 V AV, 10(2)A
Connection Flexible wire with 1,5 mm terminal
Electromagnetic compatibility According to EN 55014-1-2,
EN 61000-3-2
EN 61000-3-3

Fixing on 35mm DIN rail,  EN 50022
Sizes 60x33x43
Weight 40g
Protection degree IP20
Certifications UL FILE N° E164102


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