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Ilinox srl, established in 1983, is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel metal structural work for control boards.

Certified ISO9001 since 1995 by a leading international Body, i.e. the DNV, Ilinox srl has successfully built-up over the years, thanks to highly skilled personnel and the use of state-of-the-art technologies, a highly specialized manufacturing and sales structure, focused on providing customers with first quality reliable services.



Environmentally-friendly solutions:

Ilinox commitment to limiting consumptions throughout the various production steps, reducing pollution thus defending the environment while always and constantly guaranteeing the product performance.


Spare parts always available over the years

Assurance of a product covered by non-stop assistance.
Ilinox customers are assured they will always have available, even many years later, spare parts for all the models of boxes or cabinets, including those no longer manufactured.


Our strength: Research

We are aware that the quality of the future is dependent on today’s Research.
Every year we invest considerable human and financial resources in R&D, to create new technologies and improve the current ones, start projects to optimize the most varied implementations, perform tests on  the quality and technological standards of our products.


Actual saving through premium quality performances consistent over time.

Long-lasting efficiency and superior performance of our products for real cost-efficiency.
Few and simple maintenance interventions, same as cleanability and sanitary grade, unique features of stainless steel. Ilinox technological know how and skill does not fear time going by: our products are engineered and manufactured to last and keep yielding the maximum.


Made in Italy

By choosing an Ilinox product you support the Made in Italy.
Since the onset we decided to prefer Italian engineering, quality and design, maintain the manufacturing sites in our Italian and European locations. Manufacturing in Europe means guaranteeing to our customers daily monitored high quality standards. It means training our workforce, an irreplaceable wealth of culture, experience, tradition and passion.


Actually certified safety and reliability

Ilinox customers are always assured that our products are regularly tested.
All our products are tested and certified according to the most stringent international standards.
The trademark and the certification code affixed guarantee that the product purchased has been checked and approved according to the most exacting quality standards.


Enduring functionality and safety.

Planning and design quality, quality of materials and manufacture, in other words all-embracing quality.
For a life-long guaranteed quality of our products, each model undergoes wearing tests for mechanical strength.


Advice before, during and after purchase

For all your requirements, Ilinox is there.
Through our agents present all over the national territory and the companies represented in the major European towns, in-house trained skilled personnel, on call every day, to ensure you an accurate pre-sale advice and a timely solution to any problems.
Each technician is a great expert of our products.


Ilinox exclusive guarantee

The most extended available on the market. A longer-lasting safe buy. We feel so confident about the quality of our product over time that we offer unsurpassed guarantee extension.
Ask us and we will surprise you.


Reliability of the brand

The Ilinox brand means experience, transparency, responsible entrepreneurial skill.
We have been providing certainties for 30 years, not by words but through actions.
That’s why choosing Ilinox means backing the future.