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  • EN 1.4307 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished and protected.
  • Enclosure obtained from a single sheet, thickness 15/10 shaped by multiple bends of the rear edge, door with radial corners.
  • Enclosures drilled for the assembling of articulated arms type TJ-TS-TL with rotary joint code GKSHA.
  • Full door, hinged, side lock to take maximum advantage of the drilling space.
  • Inner plate not provided.
  • Ergonomic grip handles, TYPE 304 s/s.
  • Inner hinges, s/s: 100° opening as per CEI EN 60204-1 recommendations.
  • Seal removable, cleanable and sterilizable, made of moulded silicone.
  • Prearranged for earthing according to the regulations in force.
  • Protection degree: IP66, IP69K.
  • Doorlock without recesses and/or gaps; outside surfaces made of EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s, shaped as per sanitary regulations DIN EN 1672-2 and DIN EN 14159; opening by removable key, zama execution.
  • Built-in roof , 10° slope, to prevent filth build-up while facilitating the drainage of liquids
Outside Dimensions
ART. H P Material
BKH43A/304L 450 350 125 Type 304L
BKH54A/304L 550 450 125 Type 304L
BKH65A/304L 600 500 125 Type 304L
BKH75A/304L 700 550 125 Type 304L

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