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Control Box BK

New Professional Series cabinets, control panels and interface connections are developed. The innovative design and technology in the outcome of a product is great for the individual needs of a wide range of indicators used. In addition, the BK pre-drilled cabinets are equipped with switches to accommodate the pivoting and ergonomic door handle is available. Full polished stainless steel TYPE 304L -1.4301 construction, IP66 protection for, and the door opens to 120° in accordance with CEI EN 60204-1 standard.

Hanging System

The system consists of an TYPE 304L s/s pipe, glazed finishing, bent in
“S”, “J”, “L”. or rectilinear, and of joints, articulated and/or fixed. This system allows to support small boards and control boxes and safeguards the cabinet protection degree, up to IP66 max.