Accessories For Combinable Cabinets CX-A

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Fiancate laterali

Side Panels


EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished and protected, thickness 15/10, for application outside the module or the composition of several modules, fixing them to the frame from the outside by eight flathead screws.




Kit accoppiamento moduli

Modules Coupling Kit


Indispensable to couple modules into a battery, it includes the closed cells seal and the screws for assembling purpose.
•    MKCX – modules coupling kit




Traversino Superiore

Top Cross Member


TYPE 304L s/s execution, section 26×42, available for all the widths of cabinets, they can be used to secure lamps, fasten cables, microswitches…
Indispensable for interlocks assembling.
Indispensable for the assembling of interlocks.
Supplied complete with fastening screws.
•    TRS03CXA – upper cross members for raisers width 308
•    TRS04CXA – tupper cross members for raisers width 408
•    TRS06CXA – upper cross members for raisers width 608
•    TRS08CXA – upper cross members for raisers width 808
•    TRS10CXA – upper cross members for raisers width 1008
•    TRS12CXA – upper cross members for raisers width 1211

Traversini di profondità

Depth cross members


Section 22x50mm. Available for all depths  400, 500 and 600, they come complete with fastening screws. Can be used to fasten cables, secure vertical section bars. Ideal to secure and adjust DIN rests on the depth.
•    PRF254CXA – pair of cross members for CX depth 400
•    PRF255CXA – pair of cross members for CX depth 500
•    PRF256CXA – pair of cross members for CX depth 600





Inner Doors


EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution, finely satin-finished and protected, thickness 20/10, they are delivered in assembling kit and is used to set equipment inside the cabinets.
The gap between inner door and door is adjustable to two depth: 65 or 110mm. Can be hinged on the right or left side.
The maximum admitted load is 30Kg. Protection degree IP20 (IP54 on demand). Drilling available on demand. For cabinets L.1200 use the inner doors of cabinets L.600 adding the corresponding upright; in this case, it is advisable to not use the enbloc fairlead plate for being difficult to remove.

Central upright removable to be used for the installation of inner doors in cabinets L. 1200
•    MCX18 – Central upright for cabinets CX height 1800
•    MCX20 – Central upright for cabinets CX height 2000


Setti di separazione

Partition Baffles


EN 10142 sendzimir sheet panel, thickn. 25/10, to be introduced between two modules and create a separation between them. Available in two versions: with protection degree IP20 and IP65. Can be drilled on demand to allow cables passage between two modules and for connectors.
NOTE: the partition baffle exclude the use of the intermediate plate




Other Accessories
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