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Material: EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304) s/s, finely satin-finished and protected, thickness: door 20/10, envelope and sides 15/10

  • Front door, full or with 3+3 laminate shatterproof glass, stiffening s/s inner frame, drilled to support equipment and/or secure cableways and accessories.
    * The full door can also be equipped with partial windows and different materials can be used (polycarbonate or aluminium for silk printing) on demand.
  • Rear side not accessible and ceiling no t removable, 30° slope roof to prevent objects being put on it and to facilitate cleaning and liquid drainage.
  • Side panels, bolted and r emovable, to be ordered separately.
  • Doorlock without recesses and/or gaps; outside surfaces made of EN 1.4404 (TYPE 316L) s/s, shaped as per sanitary regulations DIN EN 1672-2 and DIN EN 14 159; opening by removable key, zama execution.
  • The cabinet bottom can be equipped with fairlead plates: enbloc, to be ordered separately.
  • Maximum weight permitted on the door: 30 kg.
  • Seal removable, cleanable and sterilizable, made of moulded silicone.
  • Sendzimir inner plate to be ordered separately.
  • Pre-arranged for earthing as per regulations in force.
  • Protection degree: IP66.
Outside dimensions Material Mounting Plate Availability
ART. L H Door H P L H
CXH0485 400 1800 2115 500 TYPE 304L on demand
CXH0685 600 1800 2115 500 TYPE 304L 497 1692 on demand
CXH0885 800 1800 2115 500 TYPE 304L 697 1692 on demand
CXH1285* 1200 1800 2115 500 TYPE 304L 1100 1692 on demand

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