Junction Boxes DEH

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Junction boxes DEH

  • EN 1.44404 (TYPE 316L) s/s execution, thickness 12/10, fine satin-finish. On request, they can be made from other types of s/s and customized to meet specific requirements.
  • Cutting-edge welding procedures enable to maintain unaltered the chemical formulation of the material thus avoiding corrosion in the weld areas.
  • The cover is secured by screws provided with sealing and leak-proof washers.
  • Gasket made in blue silicon , Seal removable, cleanable and sterilizable.
  • Protection degree: IP66, IP69K
  • Pre-arrangement for earthing in compliance with the applicable rules.
  • All boxes feature stud bolts to secure the DIN bar, if any.
  • The PEH Seriess features drilled cover to accommodate the Ø 22,5 standardized push-button panel.
  • Inner plate in sendzimir execution, available on demand ( NOT for model DEH01, PEH01)


ART. L H P Material Download
DEH01/316A 90 90 85 Type 316L DOWNLOAD
DEH02/316A 90 140 85 Type 316L DOWNLOAD
DEH03/316A 90 200 85 Type 316L DOWNLOAD
DEH04/316A 130 150 85 Type 316L DOWNLOAD
DEH06/316A 190 150 100 Type 316L DOWNLOAD
DEH09/316A 210 190 100 Type 316L DOWNLOAD

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