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Box di comando BC

Control Box Series BC

• EN 1.4301 (TYPE 304L) s/s execution,  finely satin-finished. On demand they can be made from  different types of stainless steel and can be customized.
• Enclosures formed by an outside casing made from a single bent sheet, thickness 20/10 with rounded corners, and an inside casing sealed by a special gasket assuring the expected protection degree. The upper part is drilled to allow installation of articulated arms type BJ-BS-BL. When the prearranged drilling is not used, the plug Item TCB, TYPE 304L s/s execution can be supplied on demand.
• Two stiffening plates, sendzimir execution, properly shaped and drilled, are set in the upper and lower parts of the enclosure for improved stiffness and to allow the assembling of supports, raceways and inner plates.
• Front and rear panels, full, made of flat s/s sheet, 2 mm thick, and are fixed to the enclosure by special Polier M4 screws, complete with underhead Teflon washer.
• Handle made of s/s rod, on the front panel.
• Pre-arranged for earthing in compliance with the regulations in force.


BC32/304 350 225 200 DOWNLOAD
BC43/304 450 300 230 DOWNLOAD
BC53/304 525 350 300 DOWNLOAD
BC64/304 600 400 380 DOWNLOAD




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