Distribution Boards

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Our cabinets can easily be turned into control boards for low voltage final distribution when high protection degree, high corrosion strength and high hygienic qualities are required, besides an attractive look.
Starting from simple assembling kits, several configurations are possible which constantly guarantee front accessibility to the components inside.
•    Glazed windows with laminated glass
•    Cable rise space
•    Partition baffles
•    Component assembling frame
•    Rests for raceways, both vertical and horizontal
•    Front panel (full and drilled)
•    DIN bars with related adjustable supports
•    Partial inner plates with relevant assembling kits
In addition to the other more generic accessories available for the cabinets.
The proper use of standard partition baffles and/or partial inner plates permits to achieve an isolation degree Forma 2 (kits for higher isolation degree available on request).