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Moduli Termici Peltier KP

Peltier-Effect Thermal Modules KP


The thermoelectric technology adopted on the air conditioners for electric/electronic panels in industrial applications, is based on the principle of the Peltier-effect heat pumps.
Unlike conventional compressor-based cooling/conditioning systems, the Peltier effect is obtained electronically without using gas such as the CFC or others. The main benefits of the thermoelectric system compared to the traditional compressor-based ones are the following:
• Reliability: no mechanical moving parts, since they are electronic, therefore they are not subject to wear or to exhaustion of the charge
• Limited size and weight: ideal where weight and overall dimensions of the dissipating refrigerating system are important for proper working of the system as a whole.
• High protection degree: the thermoelectric system allows IP 55 protection degree to be achieved for the devices inside the board.
• Versatility: the thermoelectric units delivered by our company are pre-arranged for conditioning/heating, both in automatic -adding a thermostat – and manual mode -adding a push button.
• Easy installation: semi-recessed mounting and 24 Volt D.C. power supply allow immediate installation in electric/electronic Panels, including small-sized ones.


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